Friday, September 9, 2011

Share time

I thought it might be nice to share a little more of my home than just the room with no purpose. The room that vexes me daily. The room without a single darned window. What were the builders thinking?!

Anyway... My home, our home...This is how it looks today. Tomorrow will very likely bring a different layout.
You see, I like to change things up I get bored easily. Call it decorating ADD. Fortunately, I have gathered pieces of furniture, accessories and art work that work in multiple places. So what may well be in one room for Spring is likely to be in a completely new home come Fall. Plus, this space gives me fits and starts with furniture placement. There are windows and doorways everywhere in this room and almost no wall space. And the fireplace, oh the fireplace...You can just see it tucked in the corner above. Its rounded, much like what you would find in an Arizona or New Mexico pueblo style home. The problem? The rest of the architecture and the finishes are anything but southwest. 
I have learned that that with this fireplace I cannot hang anything flat. So mirrors, pictures, anything you would traditionally find above a mantle is out. So I cheated in the spring. I found a wall decal at Kohls that brought in a little color and texture. From there I can change the look with just a few accessories. For the summer I had a collection of hardback books, some sea shells in a glass jar and a potted plant. This is my transition from summer to fall. A collision, if you will, of the two seasons. I'm actually quite happy with it, for now. Once October gets here, the decal will be going and Halloween will be in prominent display. Speaking of October...I couldn't help but bring my favorite little pumpkin lanterns out.
For now they are tucked into another corner of our family room. This china cabinet is on my to do list. It needs a major update, but for now it still gets the attention of a fall transition. See what I meant in my last post about books and candles? Always and forever a part of our decor. You can count on it, just as you can always count on a project always in need of finishing...
Notice the empty frame? Yep, I have plans. Plans that still aren't done. sigh Perhaps today. And the chairs? We love these things! They are sooooo comfy and each of can sit in one with one of the girls. Miss K and Miss H might be 12 and 14 but they still enjoy a nightly cuddle and so do we :) But the color? I KNOW. I need slip covers STAT! So look beyond the unfinished business. That is a sneak peek into the heart of our home, my favorite room in the house. A teaser for another day's post.

Have a super weekend. We are off to watch the Reno Great Balloon Races. We will be up at 4am on Sunday. We do it every year. Let me tell you, it is so worth it. Watching the balloons all inflate is amazing and mass ascension is of another world. Seriously, it is surreal. Add the memorial service to commemorate 9/11 and it's guaranteed to be a very emotional morning. 


  1. Beautiful home! And, don't worry, you've got lots of company when it comes to decorating ADD (myself included). I appreciate your sweet comment about my painted pumpkins! And, you're right ... did save me a bundle, too!

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