Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

I know it goes without saying...I really do.

10 years. It seems so long ago, yet eerily like yesterday. I woke up like any other morning. Ready to begin the day. It wasn't quite time to get the kids up for school. I turned on the television. I honestly thought we had left it on a movie channel the night before. Nope. This was real. Very, very real. And here? On our soil? What the hell was going on?

Then my neighbor, a retired military wife, came running over. She didn't even get a chance to pound on the door. We knew what was happening. Not yet the who or the why. The rest of the day was a whirl wind. One we will never forget. Please, take a moment. Remember, tell your children or grandchildren where you were when you found out. Share your story. The 3000 souls that lost their lives on that day deserve to have their story told. America NEEDS to remember. For them and theirs.

God Bless America


  1. I know this comment is going to show up as Anonymous, but it's Kelly from The Essence of Home. I'm having some trouble getting my computer to post comments on blogs that require a "select profile" first. Hopefully, that will get worked out tomorrow. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my first blog post. Looks like we're both newbies! I've also signed in as a follower to your blog.