Friday, August 26, 2016

Shiplap Backsplash

 Happy Friday! I am so ready to go play this weekend! Kind of the last hoorah before Miss K heads back to college and Miss H starts her Senior year. My baby will be graduating in nine short months. WOW!

This is where we left off last time. I found some time to restyle these guys, keeping it functional, but pretty. The rest of the kitchen remodel will have to wait, because we have an entryway to widen, closets to remove, drywall to patch and then floors to install. 

Floors? ...

Yeah, well, never mind. This happened instead. Bye, bye silly 6 inch granite black splash, hello shiplap. The original inspiration was subway tile. Once we really started seeing all the kitchen parts and pieces come together we had to make some decisions. One of those decisions involved the sink wall...

Ahh, the before...
We need more natural light, plain and simple. The upper cabinets are gone, so a larger, pass thru window is on the agenda. I told you I had plans for that extra granite slab from the other side of the kitchen. 

source unknown

It won't be nearly as fancy, but you get the idea. The entire back wall of the house will have a deck, and this pass thru window concept will be part of our design. That project may not happen for another year or so. In the mean time, we needed to do something with the walls. The drywall is original to the house and while its structurally sound, it isn't pretty. Shiplap fit the bill perfectly. Cheap, easy to install (and rearrange later), and it continues our desire to add charm to the box.

Getting there, slowly but surely. The shiplap adds dimension to an otherwise boxy room. The whole area feels just a bit more expansive. I think the subway tile would have been too repetitive next to the brick wall. Don't you?

Back to the fridge wall, notice the original granite slab is now replaced with butcher block? That's the slab that will go outside when we get around to the window project. Waste not, want not, right?
 But, we still have so much to do here. The upper cabinets need to be blocked in all the way to the ceiling and we have trim work to do at the bottom of the cabinets. I didn't want outlets cluttering up the shiplap, so I had hubby install electrical underneath, which meant we needed to cover the wiring. We decided to continue the ship lap up and under for a seamless look. Now it all needs trimmed, and then the cabinets can be painted too. This side will be the same white as the backsplash.

And this side will be a grey tone from  the stone. Have Mentioned how much I love the slide in stove with the new shiplap? It almost feels seamless. A few IKEA shelves to hold everyday cooking necessities help keep the clutter at bay.  A note on using these IKEA brackets... Standard lumber doesn't fit, there is a gap, but stair treads fit perfectly. All you have to do is rip them to size on your table saw. 

Ahh, a better after :) 
Reminder to self, do a post on your appliances because you really do love them!
So, this is where the kitchen is at, we really did move onto floors next. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Industrial Brick Wall

The kitchen has always been the heart of our home. Its where we spend most evenings. When the girls were small, it was about after school cookie sessions. As they entered their teen years, the focus shifted. Friends and Food. We even have a sign :)

New house, new kitchen. Its still the heart of our home. A smaller heart, but no less important. Its been a challenge to go from a rather large kitchen, with a huge central island, dining nook, and massive pantry to a 12 by 12 room surrounded in basic cabinetry. First world problems, I know. The flip side of smaller is that you have opportunities to tell your home's story more succinctly. This brick wall is the perfect example of that story telling.

When we first saw the house, hubby and I were both drawn to the real brick fireplace. Not just the fireplace itself, but the backside of it in the kitchen. It became a focal point to begin adding character to this otherwise 45 year old track home. Focal points are important.

A reminder of its location. All of these appliances are gone, upper cabinets too. Breathing room! But, we still need storage. And character :)

So, Hubby got to work. Drilling into 45 year old brick is no easy task. After this photo we decided that a diamond tipped drill bit was going to be the only way to go.

About $20 later and we were in business!

Its a dirty job. A spray bottle of water to help keep the bit cool was an absolute necessity, but man, did it make for a gunky, sloppy mess.

Progress. Ignore the beer, its the small things that keep him motivated :)

By the end of the evening, this is what we had. The shelves still need stained and properly styled, but its progress. Amazing what a few plumbing/gas line pieces, some stock lumber, and an afternoon of work can create. One of these days, the entire kitchen will come together. For now, we are calling it good enough and moving on to opening up some walkways before laying the new floors. Fun times!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Kitchen Redo In Progress

A small celebration the evening we closed escrow. When we decided to purchase a new house, we didn't realize that the market was going to be so insanely hot. I can't tell you how many properties we looked at and before we could even make an offer, they were in escrow. It was crazy. Then we found the perfect fixer upper in an awesome neighborhood, not too close but not too far, at a fantastic price. Then the inspections came in. Fungus, carpenter ants, might have to rebuild the entire front wall of the house...yikes! The owner was unwilling to negotiate and we ran, scared that our budget couldn't handle fixing the necessary issues let alone make it into the home we wanted.

Back in the hunt. Grrrr...
Nothing else in that neighborhood was in our price range and fit our needs. We didn't really want to live in a different part of town. Sigh...

We sat down as a family and had a heart to heart. Do we stop looking? or Do we reset our expectations? We decided to reset our expectations. We began looking closer to the University, where Miss K would be spending her next 4 to 5 years, and Miss H was likely to follow two years later (that is next year BTW!!!).

We refocused and stumbled across this little guy. 1878 square feet, three large bedrooms, big yard, mature trees, and just enough character that it piqued my imagination. So much potential to be such a cool little house during this stage of our lives.  The photos I have been sharing are a day or two after we moved in. Please excuse the iPhone pics, its all I had available to me. At that point we were still split between the two houses and I was lucky to find anything except the bare essentials. 

I despise moving, but we did finally start to settle in. 
Settling in means projects :)

New appliances were delivered and that meant we had to move cabinets to accommodate the new counter depth fridge. Which meant the granite on that side had to go. I have future plans for that slab. It is sitting in our garage waiting for its next job description.

And then this happened on the other side. I swear I didn't touch it. Come to find out, it was attached with two tiny little finishing nails :( 

Out it came along with all of the paper cabinets in that corner. Already, it was feeling so much more open.

Next up? A fun project for the brick wall. Pretty and functional, what more could a girl ask for?