Our Home

When your goal is to have a home that houses your family's story, it isn't ever actually done. Your family's story is never really complete, is it? Neither is your home. It should evolve with you and yours. As you grow, and age, your wants, needs, and desires change, and your home should too.

Our home is no different than yours. The first house you see on the blog began as a builder's beige box and we adventured for 8 years finding its voice so that our story could be told within its walls. And while our house began telling our story, my own decor tastes evolved, our children grew and had opinions of their own, and we adopted Porter and Max, 300 pounds of doggy love. And just when we felt like our house was becoming our true home, well, we moved. Our needs changed. and so it goes...

The second house we have just begun our journey with. Our home is continually changing as we get to know one another, sometimes in small, almost unnoticeable ways, other times in a much larger fashion. As our story expands, our home adapts, creating a forever comfortable design. That comfortable design begins with a home that tells a story. There is no end...

Please stay tuned for an updated home tour!

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