Sagebrush Ridge began with a passion for creating a comfortable, functional, and pretty home paired with the desire to share our little slice of the world with others. We have two teenaged daughters and 300 pounds of big, lovable dog to accommodate. The Mister works from home, in his own detached studio, allowing me the luxury to stay home with our beautiful daughters and create a home that works for us. While our situation isn't unique... two parents present more than not, two teens active in school, music, and theater, and two dogs that want to be with us all of the time, our house needed to be. Unique, that is.

A house is nothing more than a shell. A home is a reflection of the people that live within its walls. The most comfortable homes tell a story. Sagebrush Ridge documents our story, our home's journey to be the best that it can be. Sometimes the story takes us somewhere we didn't expect, but that is part of the fun.

While Sagebrush Ridge tells our story, Sagebrush Ridge Design can help you express yours. You and your family deserve to live in a home that reflects the individuals that live there. Shelter magazines and television shows are great for inspiring you. Pinterest is an amazing resource too, but copying pretty pictures doesn't make a house a home. Our specialty is to listen. Who, what, when, where, and why...we give you the how. Once we know who you and yours are, what it is you want your house to do for you, when you would like to have it done by, where you see your home in a year, in five years, and why you started the journey to begin with, then...

We give you the gift of how to create a comfortable design, how to let your house tell your story.

Whether you need a small change of pace, a restyle using what you already have, or you need to start from scratch, creating an all new look, or something in between, we promise you will love your home when done. You will love it because your home will house your story.

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