Friday, September 9, 2016

Dining Room Inspiration

With the holidays just around the corner, the dining room is taking on a new focus. The entry is all set to warmly greet friends and family, but the dining room is anything but. It has a table and chairs in it, but we still need to add some storage to make up for the shortcomings that a smaller kitchen presents you with. Time to find some inspiration :)

Everything I wish this house could be. We have the floors and that's about it.  Oh, and a fireplace :) There are some relevant take aways though. The french doors, the farmhouse table, the simple decor.

Our Fireplace looks almost exactly like this one, except we didn't paint the brick. It was a debate I lost :) Hubby doesn't feel too strongly about many house related things, except he wanted to keep the natural brick. So I let him have it. See, I am willing to compromise. :p
We need to install a mantel and I like the simplicity of this.

Simplicity is good, but I LOVE these brackets. I must find a way to incorporate chunky metal into the fireplace mantel.

This is awesome too. Oh, choices...

Moving on...
Tonal yumminess. Shiplap, farmhouse table with an industrial edge. French doors, and the chandy...
All smiles here :)

Now addressing the other side of the room.
We need to add a storage solution since the kitchen is much smaller than we are used to and I refuse to have wall to wall, floor to ceiling cabinets. Although I love the look, shelves like this just won't work with the end of the wall being open to the central walkway. Not only do I see myself hitting my head, shoulder, knee, or whatever body part has the misfortune of being at the height of each of these shelves, but the beasts would take the bottom one or two out regularly.
We don't baby proof, we DOG proof.

This would work better.
Lower cabinets would hide the majority of the not so pretty kitchen items,  and the coffee bar idea is spot on. No need to keep the Keurig in the kitchen, less countertop clutter.
Hmmm, I can see hot chocolate bars at Christmas, and tea service all winter. I have a collection of  old gallon mason jars that my Mom gifted me years ago that would make a pretty amazing pantry display. Not to mention the hubby's collection of growlers and single release beer bottles from a few of our local micro breweries.

A lot of ideas to ponder, and of course, the budget looms over every project. The dining room is our next room to work on. It may not be completely done before the holidays, but it will find a point of good enough to see us through the end of the year.

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