Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What is THAT for?

See that nook at the end of the entry? Beyond the stairs, nestled in the side of the brick fireplace? Does anybody know what these were originally intended for? I'm stumped.

Every man that has entered this house without exception has wanted to make a fire in there just to see if they could. Men...

I found a slightly different use. Bar carts may be all the rage, but with 300 pounds of dog running around the house its not realistic to think something freestanding stocked with breakables is going to be a good idea. You know what I mean? So we turned an otherwise useless area into something fun. Its the perfect spot between the dining room and the kitchen. I think it adds to the charm of this central column of brick. What would you have done with this space? I would love to hear your ideas. Goodness knows this doesn't have to be a permanent solution. I am all ears :)


  1. We had one of those. In our home it was an indoor bar-be-que. We never used it as such, but our neighbor was an original owner and she used hers back in the day (home was built in the early 50s.) On the other side of the bar-be-que wall was the main fireplace, so I am guessing that the two shared the chimney.

  2. That's what we us figured as well. Our home was built in 1970. For now, it's a bar. You never know what we might make it in the future :)