Thursday, April 26, 2012

Girls' Bathroom Redo

This was one of the rooms that still lived in boring builder beige after living here for nearly 5 years. I have no excuse, except that the room had never spoken to me. Do you wait for your rooms to tell their story? Reveal their personalities? Well, I do. Wait, more like, I try to. Sometimes I force things just because I'm tired of looking at the same old thing. This room was probably left basically untouched because I'm rarely in the space. Unfortunately I didn't take any before photos. Bad girl!

 This bathroom belongs to Miss K and Miss H. Its a great design, a Jack and Jill bath that opens into both of their rooms. You can see a slice of Miss H's room in the mirror. Her bed is even made. Small wonders! 

Back to the layout... the shared space is nice when you have two teen aged girls that really don't care if somebody sees them running around in a towel. Daddy cares! Poor guy. Fortunately the shared bath pretty much keeps them corralled in their part of the house. 

Anyway. The bathroom is split into two parts. The section I am sharing today is the sink area. There's a little alcove behind the door leading to the bedroom that we finally found a use for.  Behind here, to the right, is the shower and toilet room. It has the added bonus of a small window. That is still a work in progress and requires Mr Shawn's attention. Carpentry...

Speaking of carpentry, this alcove area features a piece of his handy work. A little pallet upcycle work that you might recognize from here.

Our advent calendar has a new purpose.

Much needed jewelry storage. The buckets hold small items...earrings, small bracelets, chains and charms. A few or the dowels were kept free for larger beaded pieces, hoop earrings, and other items that won't fit in the buckets. The shabby pressed tin container holds bangle bracelets. I've had it for years and its served many purposes. Now it gets to keep the girls' 80's sparkle in order. The tea pot with matching cup and saucer was a gift from their grandmother from a little tea shop that is no longer in business in Auburn, CA. They have another one too. They make great little storage pieces. Pretty and functional. Perfect!

Below are more storage pieces, towels, a couple of photos from when they were little and the all important garbage can. Can't have enough of those in a girl's bath. This guy is a clearance buy at TJ Maxx and has a twin in the shower/toilet space. The white canisters are recycled Wally World candle holders. They are now the proud home of hair ties, head bands and plastic clips. Much better than the former unorganized drawer storage method.

I'd still like to paint the shelves out in white. Maybe a chalk paint finish? And I want to add some quote art work, highlighting some of the saying relating to sisters. A room is never finished, is it?

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  1. Nice job! It looks so fresh and inviting! Thanks for visiting me, too!

  2. Oh I agree what a great job. It turned out so pretty!

  3. I saw itty bitty white buckets like these at the dollar store the other day. I was dying to buy them, but didn't have a reason to yet. Great idea!

  4. That is just wonderful! What a brilliant idea for that small space that now provides lots of extra added functions. Love the bucket idea.