Thursday, September 8, 2011

Are you ready for some football?!

LOL. Yep we're ready. The fantasy football teams are drafted and set. I'm looking forward to beating my husband and little brother yet again this year. Its an annual tradition. Really, it is :) Tonight we'll make ourselves some traditional stadium foods and pretend we're in Greenbay, after the President's speech and Open House at Miss H's school, of coarse.

But Sunday? Its on! We are off to my little brother's place to see all of the action. Go Niners!
That collage just about covers it for everyone that will be watching. My girls, when they decide to actually bring themselves to look at the TV will be looking at the bottoms. Me too, who are we kidding! My brother, and hubby (the little rascal) always enjoy a little cheerleader action. It could be worse...

LOL. Thank goodness we wore more clothes than that for powder puff. BACK IN THE DAY. Man, I'm getting old.

So, back t the football. Baby brother's place, he's cooking and I'm watching football. And no cleaning up after ward. He gets to do that too. I'm definitely ready for some football! How about you?

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