Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Industrial Brick Wall

The kitchen has always been the heart of our home. Its where we spend most evenings. When the girls were small, it was about after school cookie sessions. As they entered their teen years, the focus shifted. Friends and Food. We even have a sign :)

New house, new kitchen. Its still the heart of our home. A smaller heart, but no less important. Its been a challenge to go from a rather large kitchen, with a huge central island, dining nook, and massive pantry to a 12 by 12 room surrounded in basic cabinetry. First world problems, I know. The flip side of smaller is that you have opportunities to tell your home's story more succinctly. This brick wall is the perfect example of that story telling.

When we first saw the house, hubby and I were both drawn to the real brick fireplace. Not just the fireplace itself, but the backside of it in the kitchen. It became a focal point to begin adding character to this otherwise 45 year old track home. Focal points are important.

A reminder of its location. All of these appliances are gone, upper cabinets too. Breathing room! But, we still need storage. And character :)

So, Hubby got to work. Drilling into 45 year old brick is no easy task. After this photo we decided that a diamond tipped drill bit was going to be the only way to go.

About $20 later and we were in business!

Its a dirty job. A spray bottle of water to help keep the bit cool was an absolute necessity, but man, did it make for a gunky, sloppy mess.

Progress. Ignore the beer, its the small things that keep him motivated :)

By the end of the evening, this is what we had. The shelves still need stained and properly styled, but its progress. Amazing what a few plumbing/gas line pieces, some stock lumber, and an afternoon of work can create. One of these days, the entire kitchen will come together. For now, we are calling it good enough and moving on to opening up some walkways before laying the new floors. Fun times!

Update: All done! Can't wait to style these in the seasons to come :)



  1. Love the wall and shelves ♥

  2. HI, love the industrial shelf holders. Where did you get them?

    1. Marilyn, we made the holders from black gas line pipe pieces from our local Home Depot. The flange, pipe, and caps are all threaded. The width of your shelf is the length of the threaded pipe, or nipple. Hope that helps :)