Thursday, May 3, 2012

Master Closet Plan

I really don't need a super fancy closet, just something that is neat and tidy, and remains that way because its functional. Is that so much to ask? Here's what we are starting with at Sagebrush Ridge. 

You can read more about it here. And my frustration with it all here.
Its sad really. Its sorry state of affairs that I have such a large space at my disposal and it looks, and functions, so horribly.

This is the basic layout as it currently exists, if it were empty of everything but the music equipment.

And here is the basic plan I want to implement. 

After purging some stuff, finding new homes for others, and generally cleaning up I want to add a long dresser with a ton of drawers for folded clothing and a dressing table, again with more drawers. Something like on the back wall of the pic above, but instead of the mirror it would be hanging space for shorter length clothing.

I can't say I will sit at the dressing table to do my hair or makeup, since there isn't a lick of natural light in here, nor a single electrical outlet. We have to deal with the two woefully under powered over head light fixtures. I'd like to replace the one on the pretty side of the closet, but we shall see. Either way, makeup isn't gonna happen in this space.

Then why a dressing table and chair, you ask? Well, its always nice to have a spot to sit and put your shoes on and the extra storage in the dressing table will be appreciated. Plus, a mirror will add a little much needed sparkle. I want to create a feeling of pampering in here to match our master bath. Make it feel like its all part of the suite. You know what I mean?

The drape partition will go a long way in helping hide the ugly side of the room. The music equipment and various household storage that we couldn't relocate will all be hidden back here. I may even add a full length mirror suspended from the ceiling along here. Something like shown above, without the sofa, of coarse.And full length. Something to give this wall a little punch. I have the sneaking suspicion that setting up getting everything to fit in that side of the room may feel a bit like playing Tetris.

How have you guys made your closets work hard for you?

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