Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Snowball Effect Strikes

While Mr. Shawn organized all of our ski gear in the garage, I tackled a few things that have been bothering me. First up on my list is our half bath in the front of the house. Something has to be done about the builder white, and the nasty drips of exposed drywall from a spilled fragrance oil that once sat in the window sill.

The space is just screaming for something to be done to it.  I wish I could tell you what the color I have going on in there is, but I took advantage of three oops paints at the Home Depot for $7 a piece. They were all in the tan color family, so they got thrown into that bucket together and rolled onto the walls. A small gamble. It reminds me of a latte. Not too warm, nor too cool, just a nice neural tan. The gamble paid big dividends!

I have plans for this little room. It involves a few things from our favorite place ever, an oil painting my grandmother did before I was born, a little HGTV Dream Home inspiration and a world map that used to be in hubby's office. Its a work in progress that has been detoured by gravity. sigh

Those three gallons of paint went a lot further than I had counted on! I couldn't be happier. The bathroom redo has snowballed into another part of the house that has been bothering me. 

There is a reason I never show you my entry way...I just don't like it. Like so many other places in the house that seemed really cool when we viewed it, without a stick of furniture in it and builder white on all of the walls, its an awkward spot to decorate. Its circular, to the right is a rectangular alcove that has the front door in it, to the left the tile transitions to carpet and leads to the living room, and behind this picture is this...

In its prime glory! Thank goodness, the hall doesn't always look like this. This is the result of painting the half bath (to the right), doing laundry (2nd door on the right), and Miss H cleaning the litter boxes (housed in the closet also on the right by the half bath). Even without the mess its just underwhelming...It has some cool architectural features that I thought would look really cool color blocked, but it just didn't work out the way I had envisioned. I have lived with this failure valuable lesson for almost four years.Sigh, again. 

Anyway, I began by just painting the small alcove.

Hmmm, not there yet. More paint!

Ahh, progress. Not enough...

There is that terracotta color. I love it in the kitchen but not any where else. Onward with more paint! 

Wait! I forgot. I gave Mr. Shawn a small honey do item shortly after this photo. 

Now we're gettin' somewhere. Impact!

So much calmer, lighter, more streamlined. See that hanging pot light by Miss H's bedroom door? It bit me! Hubby still has to put that back up for me.

What about that other wall? I dream...I dream a lot. Something like this would be ideal.

I'm not sure there is enough room. I don't want the cubbies to block the bedroom door. KWIM? Instead, I will probably content myself with a simple board and batten treatment, instead of the bead board shown here, roughly half way up the wall with hooks for jackets and a movable bench in each alcove to store ski boots and bins of winter gear beneath. In the summer, those same bins could hold beach towels, sunscreen and other lake necessities, while the hooks would see straw hats and sarongs.

So here we are, awaiting the next phase of this New Year's project. Maybe hubby will get it done as an early birthday gift? I told you I dream big. But first, I should probably decorate the actual entry way... What to do, what to do?



  1. The warm soft colors are doing a lot for your spaces. I have tons of Oops paint, I just cannot stop buying it.

  2. Wow! Isn't it amazing what paint will do for you? the way you did just made the niche's pop. You can really see the architecture now.

    You did a great job!

  3. Paint has got to be my favorite decorative change! THanks for the encouragement guys.

  4. That's fabulous! Never imagined that an oops paint/paints could make so many spaces look so good. You did a great job and very inspiring to the rest of us. Thank!

  5. Beautiful transformations. I can't tell you how many cans of oops paint I have. You can find some great colors. Love yours.

  6. I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!