Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 2011 Tree

One of the most highly anticipated traditions of Christmas in our home is the day we choose our tree. Not just any old tree will do. The process is an adventure. 

Friends and family all load in the kids, the dogs, the axes, and the picnic baskets. Over the river and through the woods to get our Christmas tree we go!

Then the fun really begins. We spread out far and wide. We communicate the old fashioned way and I wander from hubby to kid to kid inspecting their finds. 

I get the final choice. The success or failure of each year's tree falls squarely on my shoulders. Its a BIG responsibility let me tell ya! 

We spend the day playing in the snow, if we are lucky enough to have any.  
  none this year :(   

We spend the day sharing the wonder of the outdoors, the company of friends that are considered family and the deliciousness of a hand prepared picnic. The girls cut extra greenery for the house, the dogs romp around in joyful freedom, and we begin the season with tradition.

Finally, the decorating begins. Two different kinds of lights, ribbons, snowflakes, stars, crosses, bells and balls. White, clear, silver, gold and bronze. Family, friends, places, events...history, tradition, and heritage all play a part in our tree decor.

The tree isn't completely decorated until the 24th. We add homemade and natural details nearly every day.  So, these photos of the tree as it looks today are different than how it will appear when we exchange our gifts from beneath her boughs. I will share again as we get closer to Christmas.

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