Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday...

Do you remember that song? No?! Well, I just dated myself, didn't I? Ah well.

No matter how old I am , I still don't manage Mondays well. Not my thing. Anyway...

I spent most of my Monday working on a volunteer committee I have just recently become involved with. Mr. Shawn, my dear, darling hubby, decided I should help with one of his projects. Isn't that nice of him? 

There is a group of local business executives, and one lonely blogger, that are working towards bring the Winter Games back to the Reno Tahoe area. We last hosted the Games in Squaw Valley before I was born.

Huh, now I feel a little better. 
Not quite so old that I was here for that. 

In our campaign to do just that we have been working with a local business that is well on its way to making it BIG. When I say big people, I mean big. Its not every day that a little homegrown ski manufacturer gets the distinguished honor of their skis being on the medal podium. That is usually left for the big guys.

If you are a skier then you have to check these guys out.
I own a pair of their Stillettos and I love skiing these boards. And so does Miss K. She steals them every chance she gets. Little bugger.

BTW, I'm not paid to say this. I really do love 'em. So instead of skiing them, I got to see the who, what, where, why and how of their manufacture. We toured the facility this morning and Mr. Shawn was kind enough to take a few pics for us. I put them together in a little presentation for our meeting tomorrow night and I thought you guys might like a glimpse yourselves. 

If not...well, sorry. I will be back to my normal programming soon. Promise :)
I want to get back to my fall decorating.

Jared skis on Moments too. He's doing a promo film to document to partnership. 

This is the CEO of Moment. The most laid back chief executive officer you will probably ever find. 

A little machinery for your viewing pleasure.

This is where he magic happens :) 
The pressing room

Stacked and racked.

This really was a fun experience and I know the custom skis they are making for the Coalition will be amazing. You can't go wrong when its handmade in the USA. 

What have you been doing with your Monday? 

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