Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Early Mornings

Every year we get up before dawn, pack up a picnic breakfast and head to a regional park for one of the most unique experiences available in Reno. We have a number of really cool special events in the area, but this is my favorite. How often do you get to be THIS close?
This year was extra special because of the ten year anniversary of September 11th. Every balloon carried the American flag. 
And we were treated to a Missing Man Formation
The sky was packed with balloons by 7:30am.
That odd shaped balloon in the top right hand corner above is Darth Vader. The force was with us all morning. There were a number of shaped balloons. A Panda, the Wells Fargo Coach and others I can't think of at the moment...Did I mention how early we got up?
The best pictures are from the glow show that began at 5 am.
First balloon is aloft!
All five of the Dawn Patrol in the air.
It really is an amazing experience.
We were blessed with nice weather all morning. It was the warmest year yet. See those clouds? They gave us the first taste of fall...thunder showers all afternoon. It was wonderful.
I love this place. What kind of special events define your community?

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