Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!...?

Too darned many! This post has been in the works since before Christmas. I love the fresh start that the New Year brings to my home. All of the Thinks! that I get to bring to reality. Once all of Christmas is put away, I am left with a pretty empty house. A blank slate, if you will. I immensely enjoy redoing the house at this point. I enjoy thinking about all of the possibilities. The trick is doing...I guess that makes this post a kind of Goals for the Home in 2012 type post.

First up was born out of necessity. We just had too much ski gear to not have it properly organized. So hubby built up an organized wall for all of that winter gear. You can read about how Mr. Shawn spent his holiday weekend here. Hopefully that leads to a whole garage makeover as we head into spring. Maybe something utilizing this idea.

Something like this wouldn't hurt either...

Of coarse, in reality that wall would be VERY full. As much as I would like this all to happen, my mind is much more engaged with the indoor spaces of our home. Spaces like half baths, entry halls, laundry rooms, kitchen pantry's, kids' closets, and my entire Master Suite. Not to mention the still under-utilized, unnamed room I have spoken of here

I'm thinking I need to give up the idea of this room being used for anything but tv viewing. Maybe something like this?

So, a couch, a coffee table, some floor lamps (because that room is DARK), and definitely a brighter color scheme are in order. I have been scouring Craigslist. Nothing has turned up as of yet :(. I have faith that it will. In the mean time, I've been working on the paint in the half bath and entry hall. You can see the progress here. I'm envisioning a mudroom style hallway similar to these beauties.

Board and batten on the wall, with a narrow shelf above, hooks just below that, and freestanding benches for hiding bins underneath. All to fill in these spaces.

Ugh! Can't wait to see it go.

Same idea for the laundry room wall, without the benches. Definitely not enough room in there. But we seriously need the organizational space. Not just jackets, but hanging clothes coming from the dryer, the mismatched sock bag, you know the ugly necessities of a laundry room that leads to the garage. Speaking of organization...I Think! of a pantry that looks like this one. Seriously perfect.

And, and, and the list of Thinks! is never ending. I began with the half bath and entry hall. I just have to remember one Think! at a time. My goal is to have the both done before my birthday, Feb.1. Not a lot of time, but the main walls were all painted over New Year's. Then I have to choose one Think! to focus on next. Finishing the girls' closets should probably be it. Maybe just finishing their rooms in general ;)...But I want to focus on my space. My master suite has become a dumping ground. If it doesn't work in the rest of the house it some how ends up in my room. Yet, we don't have a dresser or even a chair. Sad, I know. Soooo, I'm Thinking!...

I have yet to see anything I love that will work in my room. Finishing the areas I have inspiration for is probably the best course. And a list! A list to keep me on track...Not necessarily in order though :))

Operation Garage Organized!
Entry and Hall Redo
Sieze the Half Bath
Laundry Room Makeover
Finally! Finish Girls' Rooms
Paint Girls' Bath and add storage
Pretty Pantry & other various small kitchen projects...
Recover the Living Room Chairs
New Living Room Area Rug and Coffee Table
The No Name Room Seeks an Identity
My Master Suite
Moose Pen Needs Doogy Proofed
Discover the cure for rabbits in the rest of my yard

Boy, is that a long list or what?! Fortunately, none of the involve major remodeling or huge cost, just time and Thinks! 

I almost forgot...

I have an old oak china hutch that I want to make look something like this

Oh the Thinks I can Think!

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