Monday, September 26, 2011

Are you feeling WICKED?

Well, are you? I certainly am!
October is nearly here! Yay! WooHoo! 
I love Halloween decorating. Fall is fun and its a nice warm up, but Halloween is where the real fun is.

This year I decided to do something a little different. I am using a literature theme for my vignettes this year. 

Will you allow me to bloviate a bit and give you a little insight into my household?

Everyone in my family loves to read. We finally got Mr. Shawn on board too. It only took me nearly 20 years of hounding him. I knew he would enjoy reading for pleasure if he
Tedious, I KNOW. Finally, he decided he was tired of hearing all of us girls complain about compare and contrast the differences between the books and the movies in the Wizarding World. 

Yes, Harry Potter is what finally brought my husband over to the dark side. He's contemplating Tolkien next. Quite the leap for the guy that told the girls for years that he couldn't read. Just kidding of coarse, sorta.

Back to the subject at hand...

The Halloween mantle is gonna be Wicked! 
And it all starts with that bad boy(girl? green thing? lol) up above.

I recycled some fabric that had been chair covers way back when.

Cut into rough 6 by 4 inch rectangles.

Printed letters get traced onto the fabric. Note: I usually use pencil for my signs, but pencil would not leave a dark enough mark. I didn't have a fabric marker, so I used what I had. CRAYOLA to the rescue! Compliments of the art drawer. Thanks girls.

A little black paint and my second favorite brush. My favorite disappeared over the weekend :(. 
(BTW, yes I will follow up with Heaven Cottage. When I get my act together...)

Back to the method...

I hand painted each of the letters. Perfection is NOT a requirement. Thank goodness. Sigh

I then went back and frayed the bottom and sides of each and attached the top to simple twine. A little fold over and the glue gun and there you are. A little sneak peak.

See you tomorrow...

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  1. Love this sign, it's so cool! I am your newest follower by the way, looking forward to more from you! :)