Monday, September 26, 2011


I love Fall and Halloween decorating. Halloween leaves so much room for unbridled creativity. Its one of the few times when its okay to have a theme...or not. Its up to you. Usually I go for the skulls and pumpkins. 
This year I decided different would be good. 

Thank you blog world for inspiring me to jump out of the box!

My inspiration this year is literature. I just finished reading Wicked and Son of a Witch. They were so much fun to read. Totally different take on a classic story. I can't wait until we get to see the Broadway production of Wicked in January.

Mr. Shawn is working on the Harry Potter series, FINALLY. I have another vignette in the works for that, as well as a little classic Edgar Allen Poe and maybe a few others. We shall see.

The drawing in Edgar's book of works fit this too well. Totally reminded me of  the castle at Kiamo Ko.

Did you notice in the first picture that I don't have candles on these candle sticks? I REALLY need to go shopping. Candles are scarce at the moment. What can I say? Orange was not what I had in mind. And that's all I had. Sad, lonely, empty candle sticks...

The stick bundle are from my over grow side yard. I love when a project gets me out to care of something I've been neglecting all summer. Win/Win!

BTW, you can see how I did the banner here.

Here is our mantle that transitioned us from summer to fall...



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