Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Musings...

The weekend brought little bits of progress on the entry hall project. And when I say little, I mean little. 

But it all counts in the end. Right?

We stole the racks from the laundry room (it will be getting its own redo shortly) and put the rug back in place. Not much, but its a start. I have to admit to being stumped on where to go from here. Suggestions? At least I have a spot to rest my hat and scarf.

In my defense, we were just a tad bit busy. Friday night saw the rescheduled Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition event that had been canceled back in November. Mr Shawn and I were both part of the Event Committee and had to work the night. I was swamped all night long, so the camera got absolutely no use. Instead, photo compliments of  RTWGC.

It was a fantastic evening. It was quite enjoyable to meet Johnny Moseley, Daron Rahlves and Franz Weber. Not to mention Nevada Lt Gov Brian Krolicki and his wife. They were all fabulous. Speaking of our Lt Governor...

Miss K had an official school sponsored trip with her choir to Disneyland this weekend. Lucky little duck! We had to have her at the airport by 6 am Sunday morning. We didn't even get home from the event until after 2! Anyone else doing the math here?! Ouch. Saturday was useless from then on out. Neither hubby nor I survive well n that little sleep. No rock star futures for us. Anyway, back to Miss K and Lt Gov Krolicki. While the group was waiting for their flight, they had the pleasure of performing for the Lt Governor , his wife and their staff in the airport terminal. I am sure the Hallelujah Chorus has never sounded better!What an honor. Truly.

So Saturday was a waste, but Sunday brought a cleaning frenzy. I wish I had thought to take before pictures, but our leather couch in the family room was looking a little sad. Here it is on Christmas morning with my father-in-law enjoying one of his gifts :)

Its back cushions were sagging a LOT and some of the stitching had come undone. Some Gorilla Tape and extra padding led to its new lease on life. 

A little bit fuller looking. The weather is still well worn and showing its daily use, but that's okay. With two BIG dogs and two teens, we can't expect perfection. Well, we can expect it, but we sure aren't gonna get it! Good thing I'm mostly okay with the imperfection of life. Note: If you know of a good, easy, cheap way to restore the look of the leather, by all means, share :)

So, Sunday saw the last of Christmas go away and some pretty deep cleaning and organizing in the main living areas. And laundry, LOTS of laundry...Today I get to pick my girl up from the airport. Which means more laundry, and stories and pictures and hugs. My favorite part. 

I'll have another installment of Inspiration from the HGTV Dream Home to share and Miss K's adventures later in the week. Have a happy Monday all!


  1. I always say that I am little bitting it to the final product. Our guest room has been progress forever but, now we only have set of pictures to hang and it will be done! I'm sure your entryway will be finished in no time!