Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Project

Instead of working on my laundry room, I was coerced into continuing the ongoing project in Miss H's room. We have been redecorating in there since sometime this summer. It began with a $5 can of mistint paint at the Home Depot. A soft green, that presents more as white until you add more saturated colors nearby. That lead to new bedding that she bought with her birthday money and a few little recycling projects. Then school started again and we came to a stand still. Until this weekend. Her closet doors will not stay in place. They have a mind of their own. So Daddy suggested we remove them all together. Here is where we left off Saturday evening.

We decided a more saturated color was the way to go. The light and bright walls are great, but Miss H wanted more color. I wish I could tell you what color this is. The one downside to using mistint paints is the lack of labeling. The quart was a greenish teal that I added a pint of turquoise to. I can't believe how close this color is to her bedding.

Please ignore the mess that was Miss H's closet. Had to keep it real. Do you see her comforter there at the bottom? The colors are a lucky match. Here's the before...

Now to get a sheet of MDF for additional shelves. The left side will get a "shelf" at desk height to act as a vanity. I need to find a chair to rehab in a fun color and add the little mirror that currently hangs above her bed. A perfect place to get ready in the morning if I can find a way to light the space. No power outlet presents a bit of a problem. Hanging clothes will go on the right bottom. The little black dresser you spy the side of in the above photo will go on the shelf above that (after a coat of white paint) for sock and under clothes. Built into the remaining space next to the little dresser will be shelves for shoe storage. The rest of the space will be used for bin storage. You can't see it in the photos, but the closets in this house soar to the 10 foot ceiling height. There is a full length shelf above all of this that is begging for a collection of bins, but where to find them that won't break the bank? Any suggestions? The best price I have seen so far is Home Depot at $7 each. I'd love to find something under $5.

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