Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Onward to Christmas

Now that Halloween is officially over and everything is packed away until next year, we get to look forward. Thanksgiving would normally be the holiday that would be getting my attention, but I don't have to host this year. I'm actually looking forward to it. I get to be a guest. 

My in-laws are hosting their own, my mom is going to my brother and his new girlfriend's house with her family, so that leaves me footloose and fancy free. So, we will be spending our day giving thanks for good southern food and the family we choose to hold close. These are the same people we shared our love of Disney with. The same family that I am Mom Number 2 to. Our girls have been growing up together. I helped potty train the youngest of my adopted daughters when her mom was frustrated with her 12 hour shifts at the hospital. They really are the family we choose to have. Its sad to say, but sometimes your genetic family can make the holidays less joyous than they should be. I am relieved that they are each finding a way to celebrate that makes them happy and I get to do the same. I love each of them in a way I could never describe, but I think the break may be good. Best of all? I will get to help cook. No loss of my big meal fix.

At any rate...I get to focus my energies a little further forward. Onward to Christmas. 

Christmas Eve is my night and I enjoy bringing out the joyousness of the season. We host a friends and family buffet dinner along with a Bingo gift exchange. Our rules are simple. Each person is supposed to bring five gifts that cost a dollar or less. I think I may add that dollar store shopping is out this year. It means you have to try a little harder. This means I have a hunt ahead of me. I relish the idea and will share my finds.

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