Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Inspiration

My tree decor is in need of some love. Throughout the years various ornaments have not survived the annual trek from their boxes, to the tree, and back again. Poorly planned storage, children, and pets are all to blame. Heck, one year, our towering 12 foot tree fell. Gasp...That was ugly. I don't care to recall the gory details. Needless to say, I have some ornament shopping and crafting to do.

In that vain, I have been surfing the net and pinning my heart away. I'm fairly new to Pinterest. Its safe to say I am in love. What a wonderful tool. So much better than saving the sites of what catches my eye to my tool bar, or worse the pic to my computer. Here are a few of my favorites so far.

Source: via Teresa on Pinterest

I love the rustic and polished contrast. The question is...What would I put inside?

I'm not sure if I would do these as ornaments on the tree or decor else where.

Source: via Teresa on Pinterest

I see these with a white and grey paper, silver glitter and pearls. How would you put your spin on it?

For more, check me out on Pinterest.

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