Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Fall

Well hello strangers!

Sorry I have been absent for the last several days. I wasn't feeling well last week and this week life has simply caught up with us! 

Miss K, our college sophomore, was just accepted and scholarshipped (is that even a word?, well, it is now) to do a summer exchange in London wit the business school. Six credits, 4 weeks, and we will probably extend it from there since we have family and friends of friends throughout Europe.

 She always wanted to go abroad, and something tells me this is just the beginning. Proud momma right here :)

Miss H, our high school senior, finally landed herself a job. Employment under 18 is tough around here. So where will she be spending 15-20 hours a week?

Ha, World Market of all places. And Mom gets to use her discount. Fun shopping posts ahead, I am sure. 

Well, its finally Fall and I have been slowly adding layers to our home, testing the furnace (and clearing out that lovely scent), and generally tending hearth and home.

No big fancy tours here, just insta snap shots :) 

Hope you don't mind. Busy lives means cluttered homes.

I am so very thankful for it all...

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