Friday, September 2, 2016

Curb Appeal Begins at the Front Door

The Entryway is coming along nicely. When I left you on Wednesday I told you that the new front doors were already in. That left a bit of a mess on the outside of the house. What an awesome opportunity to refresh the front door area. We aren't ready to tackle landscaping yet, nor are we ready to deal with residing this thing. In the mean time, we can help this little 45 year old house greet visitors and passerby with a bit of a warmer smile.


Sigh, so much work to do. New concrete, new garage doors, new siding, refreshed landscaping, all of those things will have to wait. The front door was an aesthetic issue from the interior, so that area got a little love.


Welcome to our home. 

New doors, new trim, new porch light, relocated house numbers.
SO much better. Cleaner, updated. As we roll into cooler weather I will add potted flowers for some color and life and someday there will be a porch across the front (that is when we will address the flashing below too), but for now, she greets everyone just a little bit nicer.

Happy Friday everybody. I will be back on Monday with a reveal on the otherside of that door.

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