Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dream Come True Master Closet

Source unknown...forgive me

I thought the sign above the door was appropriate. The question is...can I make this dream come true? Can I make lemonade from this batch of lemons?

The sight that greet me every morning as I leave the master bath. This door marks the center of the walk in closet.

The drums are on the right.
Yes, I have to accommodate the drums. Its the side effect of having a musician husband without a studio of his own. At least he does most of his creating on his ipad now. The Garage Band app has been the best $5 we have ever spent. If you have a musician in the family I highly recommend it!

Our clothes and general storage are on the left. 
The general disorder is at its worst in these photos.

Extra artwork and closet doors from the girls' rooms...

More music paraphernalia...

As you can see, the mess has spilled over into our master bedroom too.

The guest bed that never quite got put away was unceremoniously dumped in our room by Miss K when I told her to clean up her room. Do your kids do this too? Make their problem yours?

And the leftovers from reworking the Lighter and Brighter (and much more used I might add) Den.

I need a plan of attack. That plan needs to include Craigslist and Goodwill, stat! That much I get. But the rest? Well, I'm at a loss. How do you make it all work? The doors have to be stored somewhere, I can't get rid of those. The drums have to stay. There are boxes of docs that can't just be tossed. The IRS would then decide to audit me, its Murphy's Law. Not gonna tempt that fate. The ski jackets have to live somewhere and I don't think the hall closet that houses the cat box is the best place. Do you? 

I wish I had a better solution to keep the "Boys" out of the litter box, but the hall closet with the door in a fixed, partially open position has been a stroke of genius. I mean, I don't like scooping the box any more than the next person, but I prefer my dogs to not get to the kitty treats! That makes the little hall closet only useful for storing hard goods. Maybe my boxes of paperwork should go in there? 

I wonder if the closet doors might fit in the attic? I know they can't go under the house, its just too damp. Would the crawl space above the house be dry enough?

And how to hide the drums? A curtain partition across that side of the closet?

First things first. Its time to purge. I have the rest of the house fairly well paired down to the essentials and some pretties. Time for the closet to get it too! How do you store all of your extras?

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  1. Such a familiar site! It's living in your home but wouldn't it be lovely if it could look just like that picture...what a dream that would be! I think our messes always spill over into every room upstairs :-)

    We are in the process of purchasing and are almost finished. Can't wait to get started on the master closets.
    Thanks for sharing!