Sunday, April 1, 2012

Walk In Closet Woes

I have a huge walk in closet in our master bedroom. And I hate it! I know there are many of you out there that would kill for my closet. At one point in time I thought I would have too. 

But here's the problem...Neither Mr Shawn nor myself have a whole lot of clothes. Hubby has his casual wardrobe, his work wardrobe and one suit. And ski clothes. I have my casual wear, a couple of nice dresses and one formal gown. And ski clothes. That's it folks. The casual clothes for both of us consist of a couple pair of jeans, a couple of long sleeve shirts, a couple of sweaters and a few tshirts. Well, hubby has more than a few, but under 20. Either way, its not enough clothes to make our cavernous closet very useful. That leads to a lot of left over space.

Why is left over space a problem, you ask?! Because that space has a funny way of filling up. My clothes closet is now the home of not only our meager wardrobes, but all of the artwork that I rotate through the house when I am in the mood for change, boxes of keepsakes from when the kids were little, more boxes of photos (remember when we actually had to pay to print them all?!), an old computer monitor or two (why?! I couldn't tell ya), doors to my girls' closets (they function so much better without doors), the outdoor patio furniture cushions (come on can do it!), every extra blanket we own (and need for camping and guests), not to mention a drum set (actually TWO), a guitar amp, guitars, speakers, monitors, and all of the equipment an at home recording studio requires. 

Save me!

Needless to say, I can't usually find what I really need in that closet, a pair of comfy sweats and a tshirt. 

So, I have been looking for ways to organize it, ways to share the space (what? None of you have a musician that hangs out in your closet? I didn't think so), and ways to store the other extra stuff somewhere else. How can it be that a 2600 sq ft home doesn't have a linen closet? That's right....they gave me a huge master closet.

To top it all off...I have a cat who shall remain nameless that likes it when we leave laundry on the floor, especially towels. They must resemble his litter box or something...No. I won't get rid of the little bugger. We have learned to close doors, most of the time. Perhaps we should learn to put away our clothes? Hah!

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