Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Disneyland Tips Series

Here we are again, another trip to our favorite place on Earth, Disneyland!

 I can't think of a better way to spend Mother's Day weekend. Really, I can't. So much so that we will be spending the extra money and investing in Annual Passes for each of us. A gift that will get used multiple times over the next year.

How can you be looking forward to going someplace you have been multiple times? Not just once, but many times in the next year? That is frequently wall to wall people, crying children, and examples of bad parenting? Who the heck chooses to stand in long lines for a kiddie ride? Wait! Isn't that place for kids? Princesses and Mickey? What would make a grown woman and her husband and two teens want to go back again and again? And who the heck can afford that!? Don't you live 8 hours away?

Sound about right? 

I hear every one of these questions from friends, family and acquaintances. Every. Time. We. Go.

But, I have converted a few of those same doubting Mustafas. Really I have. And I can convert you too. If only you will give me half a chance.

So let me start with a little background....
Prior to high school I lived just minutes away from Disneyland. My Daddy was the absolute best at making that drive much longer. I think he was scared to let us know how close we truly lived. We would have insisted on more frequent trips. As it was we went at least once a year, and probably more. Then we moved to Northern California and I kind of forgot about Disneyland. So sad. I grew up, got married, had children. And those children started asking about this mythical place that friends were getting to go to. The place that their favorite movies retired its characters to. So we decided Santa would take us to Disneyland for Christmas. A family gift, if you please. Hubby had only been a couple of times and was game to go again. 

So, on a cold January day we packed the kids up in the trusty Subaru and made the overnight drive down I-5. By morning we were in Anaheim. I had forgotten how beautiful Southern California is and how perfect the weather can be. Old Man winter was left behind in Northern Nevada and gave way to sunshine and pleasant temps. Flowers were blooming, trees were green. Paradise. Disneyland? She had us at "Hello".

We came back that same May with hubby's parents, and then again the following Christmas. We decided to buy our first annual passes that year, on our third trip in less than a year. We have had passes most years since. I think our longest stretch without a trip has been nine months. And we still have not done everything the resort has to offer.

So how do we do it? How do we...
a) afford it?
b)keep the experience new?
c)maintain our sanity on the busiest of days?

I'm gonna let you in on all of our secrets. Some are well known, but often overlooked. Others are out there, if you do your research. Some are more obscure. A few are even controversial (eeeeekkkk). But they are all tried and true.

So here begins another series for Sagebrush Ridge.

Every Wednesday leading up to our trip in May I will share our Disneyland tips, tricks and secrets for an amazing visit. Who will benefit? First timers, peeps with a few tips under their belt, single day trippers, multi day visitors, families with babies, young children and teens or any mix thereof, couples... anybody really. When I get back I will share anything new that I learn. And, yes, there is always something new to be learned. Disneyland is ever changing, so is touring it.

But remember, this series will only apply to Disneyland Resort in Anahaim, CA. NOT DisneyWorld in Florida. Totally. Different. Beast. Totally. Trust me.

First post will be up tomorrow! See you there!


  1. I now have a small glimpse of Magic Kingdom. This is really amazing. Thanks for the tips. My husband is so excited of Disney Golf too.

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