Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Word for 2012...Share

I am not a big fan of New Year's Resolutions. Goals are fine, but stead fast things I am supposed to do bring the rebel out in me. I automatically want to say no. So the idea of choosing a word to guide me throughout the year is a much better fit. I want 2012 to be a year that I choose to share


Definition of
transitive verb
: to divide and distribute in shares : apportion —usually used with out <shared out the land among his heirs>
a : to partake of, use, experience, occupy, or enjoy with othersb : to have in common <they share a passion for opera>
: to grant or give a share in —often used with with <sharedthe last of her water with us>
: to tell (as thoughts, feelings, or experiences) to others —often used with with
intransitive verb
: to have a share —used with in <we all shared in the fruits of our labor>
: to apportion and take shares of something
: to talk about one's thoughts, feelings, or experiences with others
— shar·er noun

Examples of SHARE

  1. They shared the last cookie.
  2. We shared the money equally.
  3. The children need to learn to share their toys.

First Known Use of SHARE


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Synonym Discussion of SHARE

shareparticipatepartake mean to have, get, or use in common with another or others. share usually implies that one as the original holder grants to another the partial use, enjoyment, or possession of a thing <shared my toys with the others>participate implies a having or taking part in an undertaking, activity, or discussion <participated in sports>partake implies accepting or acquiring a share especially of food or drink <partook freely of the refreshments>.

The second definition is what I have in mind. "to partake of, use, experience, occupy, or enjoy with others and to have in common" 

I have been a stay at home mom most of my adult life. Mr Shawn and I chose to begin our family young. No really, we did choose. No choices were made for us. I love being a mom, it has been my primary focus for many years and still is, but...oh, the big but...

But, my children are really no longer children. They are young ladies getting ready to burst onto a scene that they will create, instead of remaining inside the scenes I have created for them. Miss K is in high school. She just returned from her first out of town trip with her peers sans parents. And she survived. And came home with extra money. And had way more fun than any teen should be allowed. I kid...kinda.  Miss H is only two years behind her.

I know my job will never be done, but it is transitioning. I am at the point where I get to do something for me. It may still benefit the girls and Shawn, but I get to set a new scene for me. I am an artist by nature. I have inherited it from both sides of the family. And I have always loved creating a home. So, my home is my canvas. That has always been true and will continue to be, but I need to expand my experiences. Here is where the share part comes in.

I have never taken the leap to share my self with anyone beyond friends and family. I share selflessly in many ways with them and will always do so. Entertaining, cooking, keeping a home that is always welcoming has been the center of that. In recent years I have expanded the experience of share to include my daughters' middle school music program. I am a proud part of the production team for their annual musical. This year it is Willy Wonka Jr. But, I only have this year and next left. Then Miss H is off to high school. No more props to gather, no more sets to design and create, no more lights to do. Besides, its a school function and therefore an extension of sharing with family and friends. I have recently expanded a bit further, into the campaign to bring the Winter Olympics to our wonderful region. That effort will continue. Again, it began with Mr Shawn and his involvement...and extension of friends and family.  I know that sounds like a lot of sharing and it is, but I am craving something more

I want to share more of myself. "To partake of, use, experience, occupy, or enjoy with others and to have in common" And so I created Sagebrush Ridge. Its for me. My girls and hubby know about this place, they support what I am doing, but no body else least that knows me face to face. I've kept it to myself. So, I suppose I need to share this place with them. Again, I want more than that. I want to partake in all of the beauty that surrounds me, use the many talents (some unknown) that have been blessed to me, experience more of what the world has to offer me, occupy the little slice of the world that has been designated to me, and enjoy all of it with others that have something in common with me (no matter how small the commonality may be). So how do I use Sagebrush Ridge to do all of that? And not make it all about me?!

Beauty is every where and I especially enjoy other's efforts to share it; I want to partake in more, expand my horizons. And I want to reciprocate. I want to share what I do with you, in my home, at school, in the community, with my family. That requires me to continue to create, craft, and write; to use the skills I have on a regular basis and continue to develop them. But I need to learn new skills too. Like photography. I want to experience learning new skills, trying new things, creating new ideas, and pushing my own comfort zone. I want to occupy my slice of the world in a bigger way. I want to be seen and heard, here in blogland, but also out in the face to face world. I want to push myself out of my safe zone. Out from behind the computer, the light board, the backstage aspect of designing sets, programs, invitations and PR. I want to enjoy my talents and what they can do for others when I share them here on Sagebrush Ridge, with my friends and family and out in the world. That requires me to participate and to partake....the synonyms to my word for 2012...SHARE!

That's enough about me, myself and I. What's your word for 2012? Join the party and share with Layla and the rest of blogland at The Lettered Cottage

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