Thursday, November 17, 2011


Do you ever just want to scream? I mean, an at the top of your lungs, bloody murder scream?! 

Hello?...........Anybody there?

Oh, thank you. You DO understand. Sigh. I knew one person would.

So, why would I want to scream? Well, the fact that I haven't been here all week is part of it. I feel like a neglectful mom. Oh wait, I have been that too...

Still with me?

Do you remember that little event I said I was involved with? The Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition International Sports Hall of Fame Dinner Gala? Its a mouthful isn't it? The event is tomorrow and it has
g r o w n, oh my, has it grown. Which is great. It is, but it comes with a downside...

Last minute details. Those pesky little, or not so little, things that drive you nuts. I'm nuts. Its official. But its a fun kind of nuts, sorta...

I do want to show you what I have been doing though. So, without further ado.

And then there is a back page...that won't load.Whatever. That is how my week has gone. I do not have the energy to fight with it. I have also done all of the print media for the invitations, that went out weeks ago, the silent auction descriptions, bid sheets, brochures, and tickets.  

I realize you probably do not care. Its my thing and I get that. Tomorrow night's pics of the dignitaries and athletes should be amazing, not to mention me in formal wear. Ha, ha, ha. Did I mention that my wedding wasn't this formal? That I am probably one of the most casual, laid back personalities out there? This little event I have involved myself in is pushing my limits. Probably in a good way. We shall see. None the less, I am looking forward to tomorrow, but the details between now and 6pm tomorrow might push me off of the nearest ledge. Sigh.


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