Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My adventure with Jack continues...

This guy has been a labor of love. Mr Shawn has been Jack Sparrow for more Halloween parties than I can recall. Every year we add to the costume or improve something that wasn't quite right or didn't work out. This year, we upped the ante and decided to Jack back to his roots at Disneyland. If you are going to dress as Jack Sparrow in the home of The Pirates of the Caribbean, you better do it right mate! And so the adventure with the costume continues. 

Remember the inspiration...

We covered the hat earlier. Now its about the hair. We have used the same wig for the last three years or so. Its been a good run. I'd love to upgrade it to real hair, but that is EXPENSIVE. Ain't happenin'.

We started with a wig that looked a lot like this.

Pretty goofy looking, isn't it? Well, we needed it to look a bit more like this.

This is what we have.

Again, not perfect, but good enough. Once you get the hat on and the rest of the costume in place, it works. 

Of coarse a real head helps too. At least Mr. Shawn has hair to pin it to this year. In years past, he had a shaved head. Mighty difficult to get a wig like this to stay on a bald head. The afro is much easier.

That's it for today. More tomorrow.

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