Monday, October 31, 2011

Disney Details

One thing I must give Disney credit for is their attention to detail. Halloween is a small little holiday that you really only get to put forth for about a month. Despite that limitation Disneyland goes all out and decorates to the hilt. That attention to detail has lead to a transformation of the month of October. What used to be a very quiet month in Disneyland is now one of the busiest, with the Christmas Holidays still taking the cake. I wanted to share a few photos of those details with you guys. I know I strive to bring charming, meaningful details into my home. Its a season by season, holiday by holiday focus. Some times that means adding layers to what is already there, other times it means stripping it to the bones and beginning a new. Disney does much the same thing in their parks. I definitely found inspiration for next year. I hope you do too. So, with out further ado.

I love how they put the characters in costume and bring out others that we don't normally get to see.

The fun and the scary. The evil witch still sends a shudder thru Miss H's heart.

And their creativity with pumpkins, oh my.


How fun would this be on my back lawn, watching the world go by?

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