Monday, October 17, 2011

Ahoy Matey!

Happy Monday!

I still need to process my photos of this year's Halloween Decor, and I will when I get the more pressing Halloween matter taken care of. Costumes! This one has a deadline...

We are leaving Thursday night to party in Disneyland with Mickey and friends. Part of this trip we get to do something we have never done. (No small feat by the way) We are attending the after hours Halloween Party with some of our best friends. One almost tween, three full blown teenagers *all girls*, and their not so grown up parents are all dressing up. We don't get to do this every day :) and plan to take full advantage. So, in our usual can't do anything half way manner, we are going as Jack's crew of scallywags. Pirates for us all. Of coarse, being the competitive types that we are, its a race to be sure our costumes are perfect. But, as always, as cheap as possible. Its safe to say these are not off the rack costumes.

There will be none of this non sense. 

There has been a lot of thrift store shopping trip, alterations and faux painting. I'll have pics of the finished product before we go. And more from in the parks over the weekend.
Mr. Shawn makes one great Jack Sparrow if I do say so myself...

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