Monday, August 22, 2011

First Post

Welcome to Sagebrush Ridge. I am looking forward to sharing our home, my family, tidbits of our daily life and my attempts at creating a comfortable home for us all. Let me introduce the cast of characters: Miss Teresa...that's crazy ol' me. Mister Shawn...that would be the love of my life and my cheerleader. We've been together for nearly twenty wonderful years. Hmmm, that's a long time and I kind of like it. Then there are the girls...two, yep two, 12 and 14. Miss K is heading off to high school this fall and Miss H is enjoying her comfy space at the middle school. I can't forget our small menagerie...An 11 year old golden retriever, we call her our old lady Montana. A six toed mainecoone that acts more like a dog than the retriever, we call him Captain Jack (yes, after the one and only heart throb that every female in this house LOVES!). And our baby, a 14 month old, 130 pound (and still growing) Bernese Mountain Dog, we call him Mister Porter, but he should have been named Pumba from Lion King. He is such a big goof ball and he snorts as he checks out the scents of the world around him.I'll have pictures of them all in the days to come as I figure this blogging thing out.

Introduce yourself! I'd love to know who is stopping by and get to know you.

Miss Teresa

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